miércoles, 20 de enero de 2010

perdida en el tiempo

.... derrepente el rededor se vuelve presente, como si todo el tiempo hubiese caminado como un zombie... De a golpe despierto del letargo... El momento es aqui y ahora, esta es mi vida... Llena de cuestionamientos, de pequeños detalles, de miles de emociones y pensamientos.

Mi garganta se cierra, un galope de emociones tengo en el pecho, mis manos tiemblan, siento que no me puedo contener, mis sienes palpitan, mi mente va a mil por hora, tengo que parar a respirar en cada coma ... Quiero llorar pero no se si es tristeza o gozo... Solo se que estoy aqui y estoy viva!!!

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  1. Burning masks
    I look around to the crowd of masks
    I hold mine to my face and wonder
    Wonder why I am wearing it
    And as I look again it cracks

    The mask crumbles in my hand
    Then I proceed to crush it
    My foot disolves my sin
    My lies die along with it

    My voice raises to the heavens
    The army of masks looks my way
    I salute them with middle fingers
    And a crecendo of fakery reaches me

    My ears echo with the lies I´ve told
    I said what was proper, what was expected
    Well now I say what I want to, where I want to
    The army of masks can shove their fake words

    Their complaints fall of deaf ears
    Their masks are met with my precious spit
    I walk through the army not loosing a step
    I walk out the room as I change

    The clothes of society left behind
    Replaced by the clothes of my soul
    My hair goes from clean cut to wild
    I go from shakled to free forever

    I turn around and salute them once again
    I take an zealous and curtious bow
    And I turn around walking out forever
    Leaving the mask behind me to be forgotten

    Then I turn around once again,
    A bottle of everclear in my hand
    I throw it in the room watching it break
    I light a smoke and throw the match down

    The room lights ablaze viciously
    The masks, the army, all burns to ash
    I watch the celebration of my freedom
    As I avenge what was done to me

    I smile an absolutely true smile, the one I had never smiled
    As I attone for my sins, as I erase my fake past
    The carnival of flames reaches its peak with a bang
    As I watch burning masks and revel in their true scream