domingo, 10 de enero de 2010


Love has being denied

Hope has being lost

All I have left

Is the faded memory

Of once joy

Always hesitant

But now I know

That all I got

Is a frog!!!


2 comentarios:

  1. I've tried to hold myself together
    Tried to forget you've gone away
    The tears I've cried, they won't subside

    Unless the music starts to play
    Keep it coming on and on and on.. & forget. ur absolutly beautyful woman & admire ur work ..le envio mis mejores deseos.

  2. Lonely Hearts
    From the start, living in dreams
    Flyin with fariries, chasing moonbeams
    Standing apart, unheard and unseen
    Hurt and abandoned, wanting to scream

    Years are passing and always the same
    Wanting to have someone to blame
    Living in darkness, cold and alone
    The worlds indiference tears to the bone

    Walking with passion, walking with pride
    Nothing would stop me or slow down my stride
    Still bitter solitude is the cross that I bare
    Breaking my heart till I no longer care

    Dont know what you look like, Dont even know your name
    Dont know where you live or if your heart feels the same
    But I know that your out there, a truth that lives in my heart
    I pray for the day will be together, and that nothing tears us apart

    You are my mission, my start and my end
    My partner, my reason, my lover, my friend
    Your the star that is born in my deepest night
    For you I will stand strong, for you I will fight

    Your the one that gets me, my true other half
    The one I know could always make me laugh
    The one that will stand with me through the years
    The one that was made to kiss away all my tears

    The world calls me crazy, how can I see?
    The warmth of your eyes, your face next to me
    They call you a dream, a pure work of fiction
    The greatest fantasy, a dreamers addiction

    Lets prove them wrong, lets break all the rules
    I hold for your treasures greater than jewels
    My heart, my soul, holds faithfull and true
    Cause I was made by fate just for you.