sábado, 13 de marzo de 2010


Liquido espeso viscoso entrando lentamente sin dificultad circula … 
avanza, veneno? Anestecia? Miedo?
Aguarda paciente el efecto,
como divisando en el horizonte empieza a surtir efecto,
es una especie de anestesia que adormece suave y quiza letal….
Aletargando los sentidos, inerte, expectante…
El corazon se ha detenido varias veces,
poco a poco ha ido perdiendo pedazos,
poco a poco lo han ido mutilando,
perdio su habilidad de regenerarse…
de sentir…
Poco a poco viviendo la vida sin vida…
muriendo en vida, en vida muriendo…

2 comentarios:

  1. Pasaba a saludarte!
    un fuerte abrazo!!

  2. Be
    Walking day after day, being what I am
    Speaking words that echo from the past
    Existing, making progress, moving forward
    Being the person that I am mean to be

    Old thoughts that I live with
    A destiny that was forged for me
    I walk the path that has been laid out for me
    This my story written, now I must play my part

    Day after day, page after page
    My story is coming to pass
    Month after month my life unfolds
    The purpose of my existence laid forth

    And then I scream, I scream my throat horse
    “ENOUGH” I scream with every once of me
    I yell it with every once of air and energy in me
    A scream that bares my souls wish behind it

    And then the shackles of my so called fate shatter
    And for the first time, the first time in a long time
    I feel free, and tears of gratitude roled down my face
    With determined eyes I stand up with conviction

    I shatter my fate, I burn my story
    I will write my own story, I will make my own fate
    I turn around and run out of my path
    I will not be defined, i will not be lead

    I stand proudly on the first day of my true life
    And I walk forward into the unknown
    I forget that destiny that my parents wished for me
    I follow the will of my heart and soul

    I follow my happiness, my desire
    I will follow it through hellfire and brimstone
    This is my life, and I will choose what I want
    And so I run, I run through my chosen path

    I wash away old scars and make up
    The wounds and wares forced on me
    Forced by classmates, foes, and friends alike
    The fake me that I became for their sakes

    So that they could feel comfortable
    So that they viewed me as normal
    So that their mediocrity would not be laid bare
    I will drop those chains that bind and be myself

    I will be me from now on
    I will be special, i will be exceptional
    I will be who I want to be
    I will never compromise again

    I will be happy
    I will be great
    I will be free
    but most of all i will be me