martes, 4 de mayo de 2010

las miradas profundas y fijas
anunciaban una batalla campal, 
como atracción nefasta e inevitable
dos mundos apunto de colapsar
con una mano bruscamente tomo su alma
y ella desesperadamente bebió su sangre,
bestialmente los dos cuerpos se convirtieron en uno,
cada poro expelía gota a gota
la ira, la frustración, la represión
y la pasión del uno por el otro
y en un grito de agonía
cayendo un cuerpo al lado del otro
nuevamente se hundieron en el abismo.

1 comentario:

  1. Vengeful goddess
    Shadow breaking night in silence
    The lost lamb and her dark soul
    Tears of tar falling from her blue eyes
    Hope dead, burning soul in an empty cold
    Her name lost to all the universe
    Open wound that will never heal
    Blue blood that flows like ice and turns to snow
    Crashing thunder as Thor plays his guitar

    Death nymphs sing for the birth of one of theirs
    As one dies, she is reborn
    Thought and feelings that faith detained
    Now let loose, free to seek their desires end
    And then silence, the universe darkens to honor the newborn
    Cold vengeance unleashed in its new form
    Seeks all those that caused her pain
    The living and the dead are neither safe nor calm

    Existence trembles and the heavens part
    Time stops and explodes, true power unleashed
    Balance raped and slaughtered, reality inverted
    Destruction commences, first the living
    Silence, darkness, suffering, death, death, death
    It repeats and repeats as the living die yet are still alive
    Die in spirit and body without dying at all
    Cold, afraid, confused, lost, hurting, longing, and they ask why me

    No answer, just death followed by death in the darkness
    Until death is a desire, an addiction, an impossible desire
    Now the dead, the seconds of the living are the eternity of the dead
    Time looses meaning in death, eternal bliss and suffering
    The righteous and the wicked, their eternity stops
    She will seek retribution upon them as well
    Bliss turns to pain and the seconds of eternity stops into infinity
    Pain is turned to bliss and then to pain again

    A greater pain in twisted hope betrayed
    Teasing the damned with bliss and taking it away over and over
    All existence is in chaos, all oblivion in shreds
    No greater wrath than hers, no hope in site
    All collapses until all that is and is not is reduced to a dot
    And in the that speck of dust hope is reborn and balance restored
    At the end of all despair was hope
    He awakens, the one that preceded her

    A monster that became human, a demon that became a hero
    Scars where blood once ran
    Blood where ice once flowed
    Life where death once ruled
    In an instant all explodes and expands
    The battleground is set again
    Ying and Yang will set the balance again
    The tragic hero draws his blade as she summons her wrath

    Time distorts moments, eternal, eternities, moments
    Light and shadow collide into twilight
    In twilight hate and love collide
    Their powers equal, neither gives an inch
    A newborn universe, their battlefield
    Her power matched by his determination
    His hope with her pain, both burn hotter
    And so the dance of death continues from galaxy to galaxy

    Each clash spreading existence farther apart
    Then they return to the beginning
    And there clash one last time
    Her hand through his heart, his blade through hers
    They ease into death’s grasp
    He smiles as the victor, she cries as the vanquished
    Balance is restored, and absolute victory is shown to be an illusion
    The first his penance, the second her vanquished desire
    Peace restored, time replaced, all is well

    Now they awaken, and the lovers must face reality